Music Videos

Over the past few years, we’ve really enjoyed diving into the art form of edited dance films, many of which were created socially distanced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Winter Wishes

We hope you enjoy our tribute to Busby Berkeley and the Golden Age of Hollywood, and have a wonderful winter!

Jeepers Creepers

For this movie, we wanted to do something that celebrated both mask wearing and solo jazz dancing – Mask Up, Save Lives, and Keep on Dancing!

The Seance

For October 2020, in lieu of having to cancel our full-length Halloween show due to the Coronavirus, we decided to take our show’s classic opening number and turn it into a full movie experience.

Pass the Lipstick

This was our “chorus-girl-in-place” music video – the first socially distant music video we did during the shelter-in-place start of Covid-19.

Examples of Past Performances

Over the years, Sister Kate has choreographed and performed over 100 numbers. These are just a few of our classic favorites!

The Blackbottom

Many folks may not have heard of this dance, but it was in the running to be more popular than the Charleston during the Roaring 20s! Here is our inspired number featuring many classic 1920s/1930s moves.

Choreography by Robin Nunnally

Petite Fleur

This piece was designed for the 2011 Jump Session Show, performed at Benaroya Hall. We partnered with burlesque and swing dancer Sharon Davis to create something truly beautiful.

Choreography by Gaby Cook

Every Tub

This is big band swing era jazz at its finest. While this routine was choreographed in 2009, our troupe ended up competing with this routine at the National Jitterbug Championships in the Solo Jazz Team division in 2019. We were honored to take 1st place with this performance.

Choreographed by Robin Nunnally and Casey Koroshec

Gig Ready Routines

Throwing a party? Want to add some pizzazz to your event? These are some of our most classic and high demand routines that we can perform for you at your next jazz-era shindig!

Ain’t She Super Sweet

This routine is always a winner at Gatsby parties! Routine can be performed with 3-5 dancers.

Choreography by Casey Koroshec

All I Do

You know this routine from the classic beloved musical Singing in the Rain. Get ready to pop out of a cake like Debbie Reynolds and dance your heart out to this peppy little number!

Choreography broken down by Robin Nunnally and Casey Koroshec

The Charleston

The Roaring 20s were all about underground bathtub gin, jazz music, and kicking your legs up! Here is one of our classic Charleston numbers, danced to the very song itself.

Choreographed by Lauren Kayda