Sister Kate Dance Company


Virtual video valentines created by Sister Kate Dance Company members! Each valentine is a one-of-a-kind, featuring a unique mini 40 second performance by a Sister Kate dancer! (limited valentine tickets available for this reason)

If you’d like to get something a little extra special, go for our Tier 2 package, which will include a little extra footage of a dancer reading off a personalized message of your choosing to your loved one!


Because LOVE! And because we’re donating the profits to a local food bank to help those in need. More love for our neighbors!


It’s magic, right? Simply buy a “Valentine Ticket” for your preferred tier, tell us all the sweet details we need to know, and we’ll get to work dressing up, dancing/recording, and video editing to get your valentine in the virtual mail!

Select whether you’d like us to send the valentine directly to your loved one (via email or YouTube), or if you’d like to post/send it yourself online.


Order your virtual valentine by February 7th for delivery the evening of February 13th!

Check out our teaser trailer to get a sneak peek!

Each valentine features a solo spotlight by a Sister Kate dancer – each spotlight is unique to each video!

Ready to buy YOUR virtual valentine-o-gram?

Tickets open until midnight on February 7th, 2021!

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If I choose the Secret YouTube link, can I share it online?

Absolutely! The link will be set to “unlisted”, meaning it won’t pop up on general YouTube searches, but that you can always access it with the link.

What age range is this appropriate for?

Our videos will be cute and playful classic chorus girl dance routines (1920s-1950s style jazz moves) to the peppy classic “Everybody Loves a Lover”. Should be good for all ages 🙂