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Blog written by dance company member, Robin Nunnally

Today, I thought I’d share something extra special and from my personal collection: a commemorative program from 1928 of the Folies Bergére in Paris. I purchased this piece some time back online, and it is easily one of my favorite vintage ephemera items I have.


My absolute favorite thing about this program is actually the cover. I’m obsessed with the “peek-a-boo” type framing of the cover image, and the way it reveals to the first title page.

I do not speak french, from what I can gather about the program (again, I'm only sharing some of the images here in this post), these were sold at the Folies Bergere theater in Paris as a sort of commemorative booklet, called an album. This particular one is representing a show titled "La Grande Folie", which was a two-act spectacular created in 1928.

Below images are from the number “The Chariot of Love” (Le Char de L’Amour)

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Surrounded by numerous cupids

Close up of an incredible parade float used on stage

Tree trunk hat, anyone?

Men looking up the skirts of colossal feminine legs on stage. A comical scene for sure, but incredible set design and painting.
BUT.... can we talk about the fact that there are ACTUAL CHORUS GIRLS up in the rafters with their legs hanging down in the top of this photo?!?!

The Dodge Twins

The Dodge Twins were actually quite famous, and you've likely seen other photos of them online without even knowing it. Apparently, they actually replaced the Dolly Sisters in the last minute for this Folies Bergere show.

My mind was further blown today when I learned that they were actually born in Washington state, in a tiny town called Sprague, which only had a population of around 400 in 2010.

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The Dodge Sisters appeared in at least two numbers in the show, from what I can tell: a routine called “Pass the Nutmeg”, where they appeared from under giant metallic cups, and this routine titled “Dance of the Fans”.

Dancer Georgia Graves performing a classic bubble dance

Set designs and costumes from the number “A Wedding in Dreamland”

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Set designs and costumes from the number “French Gastronomy”. Gotta love the oyster hips on those chorus girls!

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Costumes from the stage number, “The Wine List”

showgirl Colette Jove

The John Tiller’s Folies Stars

Image of the John Tiller chorus girls, who you may also know from 1927's film, La REVUE DES REVUES (famously featuring Josephine Baker). The troupe was first formed by John Tiller of Manchester, England, in 1889.

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Set design and costumes from the number, “The Trophy”. We have two words for you: Human. Chandeliers.