Sister Kate Dance Company member Robin looks at the camera smiling

Article written by dance company member, Robin Nunnally


Supporting Your Local Artistic Friends on Social Media

If you live in Seattle, you likely SOMEONE that is in the arts scene in some way. Or maybe you don’t, and then if that’s the case, you should go see more art! Seattle is rich with artists, musicians, performers, and more. 

Even if you don’t live in Seattle, or can’t attend your friend’s show, there are simple ways to show your love and support online.

Below is a list of simple ways that you can help support the arts and artists online.

Easy Ways to Support Your Artistic Friend

  • Share their upcoming show/gig on Facebook, Instagram, and encourage others to check it out
  • Invite friends to “like” the artist on social media platforms
  • Word of mouth – tell your friends about it when chatting about what is going on around town for entertainment, or who to keep an eye out for
  • Like and share photos related to the show (always tag the artist and photographer!) 
  • Tag friends in the comments that might be interested in the event/art piece
  • Leave a positive review on their business page on Facebook, Google, etc.
  • If you go to support their event, take a selfie and mention it (and tag it) on social media
  • Offer to put out their printed promo material at your local coffee shop(s) or venue you manage


Comments of Support When You Can’t Attend a Show

Maybe you have a conflict and can’t attend the show, but want to show the love to the artists. Here are some handy tips when replying an RSVP on social media. These might seem obvious, but we see them all the time online.

Instead of posting:

“Can’t make it. Sorry.” 


“I’m so sad I can’t be there, but I know it will be amazing!”

Instead of posting: 

“I’m out of town for this.” 


“Ugh. I’m out of town, but everyone should go see and support this <artist>!” 

Remember, Being an Artist Means Putting Yourself Out There

Artists create art and open themselves up to the court of public opinion on their work any time they present it online or in person. To be an artist and display your work, whether playing in public, having an art show, or being on stage, is a very vulnerable thing to do!

Show your love for them in any way you can! Artists and artwork make the world a stronger, more beautiful place, and it takes a lot of guts to get out there and make art. While the number one way you can support art in your community is to either go and see or buy art in person, if you can’t make it, we hope these simple steps will help guide you to being a more supportive friend/family member/art patron online.