Author:Robin Nunnally

The Chorus Girl Show Kit

The Chorus Girl Show Kit by Robin Nunnally Thinking about starting to perform as a showgirl or chorus girl? This blog will explore a few of our favorites when it comes to preparing to take the stage and building your own Chorus Girl Show Kit. Below are...

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The Making of Winter Wishes

The Making of Winter Wishes - Our Sister Kate Holiday Greeting Card - by Robin Nunnally, Team Director Before our Smith Tower Halloween shows in 2018 had finished, we were already planning our next big adventure: Winter Wishes! We knew we wanted to make a holiday greeting card...

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Chorus Girl Clip: Who’s Your Little Who Zis

HISTORICAL CHORUS GIRL CLIP SPOTLIGHT "Who's Your Little Who Zis?" from 1932, starring Mae Clarke and chorus girls. About Mae Clarke Mae Clarke (August 16, 1910 – April 29, 1992) was an American film actress. from Wikipedia: Mae Clarke was born Violet Mary Klotz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She started her career...

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