Audition Slots are NOW CLOSED

About us

Sister Kate Dance Company (SKDC) is a nationally-recognized troupe, focused on celebrating the dances of historical jazz-era chorus girl performers of the 1920s-1950s.

We run both a regular ongoing core team of dancers (our dance company members who are on the team by audition process), as well as offer boot camp classes for the general public three times a year.

We invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and watch our videos on YouTube to learn more.

About you

You should consider auditioning if you:

  • Love exercising in fun and interesting ways
  • Have a drive to work on your dancing and stage presence
  • Were the kid who danced in front of the tv along with people on screen
  • Always dreamed of being a Rockette (and maybe still do)
  • Want to connect with like-minded jazz dance loving individuals in your community
  • Love jazz music and want to learn more about the history of jazz dance
  • Love wearing sparkles and struttin’ your stuff

We welcome those with backgrounds in vernacular jazz, as well as quick learners with a passion for the golden era of chorus performance.

If you always dreamed of dancing in a classic movie chorus line, love performing, and enjoy the company of like-minded ladies (21+ years old), we want to see you at Sister Kate Auditions!

On Sister Kate Dance Company’s team, you will receive:

  • Two (2) hours of solid and focused practice / instructional time, weekly
  • Access to choreography re-cap videos, so that you can remember the details when you practice on your own or in small groups
  • Opportunities to perform at local events, in front of a supportive audience of vintage jazz dance enthusiasts (optional), in our annual full feature-length cabaret shows (once Covid allows), as well as potential opportunities to perform at corporate gigs and private events
  • Costumes! Part of the fun of being a chorus girl is wearing fun costumes! SKDC will be responsible for costs related to performance wear, except for the three items that are required for our members to purchase on their own (that you keep): team-specific leotards, dance tights, and shoes. We will attempt to build costumes around common apparel items to defray costs as well as leverage items from our personal stock, and you’ll be part of the crafting and sewing process! (no prior experience required).
  • Guided learning opportunities and the support of longtime Sister Kate members, including mentorship with dancing, choreography, vintage hair and makeup, and sewing/costume making
  • Discounted private lesson rate from SKDC Directors and Managers, as well as occasional team private lessons with outside professionals
  • Fun team-building opportunities and parties with your teammates outside of practice

What’s the process like?


RSVP for Auditions!

Fill out the survey linked on this page (next section and in the FAQs area) to secure your spot!

Watch our virtual info session

Check out the Information Session we hosted on April 22nd! Button below.

Learn the Choreography

You'll be asked to learn about 1 minute of classic Sister Kate team choreography to perform in small groups at auditions (links below on this page)

Choreograph your own little spotlight

You'll choose a song from our list and choreograph 30sec-1minute of your own dancing to show us at auditions! Links below on this page.

Join us on Audition Day!

June 5, 2022 - 5pm PST at the Russian Community Center.
Don't be late - the first part of auditions is group work time where you'll get to practice with other folks auditioning and ask us questions about choreography!
Info Session Recording

Audition Slots are NOW CLOSED

The Important To-Do List

Audition links and details

1. Complete a short survey so that you can tell us about your dance history, related skills, and chorus girl hopes and dreams. This is a REQUIREMENT to RSVP to the Sister Kate Auditions. 

WE ARE CLOSED FOR TAKING NEW AUDITION SLOTS for this round of Auditions. Thank you!

2. Watch the VIRTUAL Information Session – CLICK HERE

3. Learn a short sequence of choreography in advance of the audition 

    • Performance video of the routine you’ll need to learn (for frame of reference): The beginning of our stock routine, Ain’t She Super Sweet 
    • Breakdown of the footwork: Choreography breakdown
    • Song for you to practice on your own: Ain’t She Super Sweet Song Link
    • On the day of auditions, you’ll be placed into small groups of 3 or 4 and will be asked to perform this as a small combo. We’ll go over formation changes in groups together before you’ll be asked to perform it for us.
      • Note: Auditions will likely be masked given the current Covid surge, so when practicing at home, make sure you are still practicing your stage smile (we’ll be able to see it in your eyes).

4. Create your own small bit of choreography from a list of pre-selected music and perform it solo.

    • Pick one song from the following folder: Dropbox Link
    • Choreograph 30sec – 1minute of your own dancing (most folks do about 45 seconds) to perform for us (solo) as part of the audition process.
      • You aren’t being judged on your choreography skills here – we’re more looking to see “how you move your body” and how you “present” on stage.

5. Finally, make sure you’ve emailed us a copy of your Covid vaccination card so we can check you off our list. You can email this to:

    • If you have been a student of ours in the last 6 months, there is no need to do this step. 

Note that SKDC has an annual membership payment structure of $180/season (year).
This money goes towards fundamental fees to keep the team running, such as rental space and storage unit costs for our hefty costuming, as well as some small administrative fees for the work of managers

Also note that ALL auditionees must show proof of vaccination (and booster, if applicable) to attend auditions and be on Sister Kate.

Audition FAQs

Do I need previous dance experience to try out?

No! While dance experience certainly doesn’t hurt, we have dancers on the team who come from a variety of backgrounds. What is more important is that you have a passion for learning, challenging yourself (actively working to up your dancing skills), and having fun!

Where are auditions held?

Auditions are held in the same place we have our weekly practice: The Russian Center on Capitol Hill 

Who will be at auditions?

Just the team – They’ll be there to help you out and cheer you on!
It’s possible we will take videos for our own review – but don’t worry, it’s for internal review only – they will not be posted publicly.

What should I wear to auditions?

Although you do not need to appear in costume, we ask that you wear something similar in form and function to an average costume. Acceptable items include dance tights, spanks with short skirt or small dance shorts, fitted tank top or short-sleeved shirt. Hair neatly pulled back or in an era-appropriate style/wig. Short dance heels. You will be performing, and we want to get an idea of how you would present yourself on stage!

We ask that all attendees bring a pair of sturdy, short heels to wear for audition performance. If you have injuries barring you from wearing heels, please contact us.

We recommend Bloch T-Strap shoe or something similar.

What are performance costumes?

We require a black leotard, nude leotard, black heels, nude heels, and nylons or dance tights, procured at members’ expense. If you leave the team, these pieces are yours to keep!

The SKDC will provide accessories and other basic costume pieces for the performance. We welcome all body types!

Am I too old / young for the team?

No! Sister Kate Dance Company’s members have ranged in age from 21-50+!

We welcome anyone and everyone age 21+ to the team, and believe that your enthusiasm, positive attitude, and determination to dance your booty off are the most important personal traits you bring to the group.

How do I sign up?

You must complete the following survey to secure your spot and to be eligible. 

After you have filled out the survey, complete all the steps above on this page in preparation for the audition day (June 5th).