Bringing vintage jazz-era dancing to the Pacific Northwest since 2006

SKDC specializes in vintage chorus girl dances from the 1920s-1950s. Dance routines are inspired by CanCan dancers, 1920s flappers, and Broadway musicals.

Sister Kate dance company member Kit kicks up her leg dressed in bright green as a flapper

We love to share our passion for vintage jazz movement

Established in 2006, Sister Kate has comprehensive portfolio, which includes some of the following achievements.



Our core team has choreographed more than 100 routines to date


Inspired three spin-off companies in the US and Canada


Directed, produced and performed 9 full-length shows of our own


Have taught hundreds of Boot Camp students over the years

Special Events

Provided entertainment for countless corporate parties and events

Giving Back

We donate to local POC Arts organizations and other fundraisers

Performances of Note

Besides performing around town, we enjoy producing our own full-length shows

  • Sister Kate’s Science Museum (2023)
  • Sister Kate’s Guide to Seattle (2019)
  • Zom-Bees Knees Bash (2018, collaboration with Smith Tower)
  • Big Top Follies (2018)
  • Zom-Bees Knees Bash (2017, collaboration with Smith Tower)
  • The Seance (2016)
  • Chorus Girls & Cocktails (2016)
  • The Vintage Occult (2013)
  • Everybody Loves a Lover (2013)
  • Boozy Floozies (2012)
  • It’s a Vintage Valentine’s Variety Show!(2012)
  • Follies du Monde (2011)

Catch our upcoming 11th FULL LENGTH show, happening December 8 & 9, 2023